Reflex Translation Services

  • Founded in 1983
  • 13 offices nationwide
  • 1,200+ translators and partner agencies
  • 130+ available language combinations
  • 30,000 pages of top quality translation per year
  • ISO 9001:2000 (since 2004)
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Who we are?

Reflex Translation Services is a Hungarian agency in the field of translation, interpretation and proofreading. With 13 offices nationwide and more than 1,200 translators, including partnering translation agencies, Reflex Translation Services has a capacity of being able to process almost hundreds of pages on a daily basis.

For more than thirty years, we’ve been providing translation, interpretation, and proofreading services in one of the fastest growing EU markets.

Our customers come from the following fields:

  • Business & Industry (e.g. Bosh, Kuka Robotics, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, and many more),
  • Government, Public Services, Justice (e.g. Metropolitan Court, Chief Prosecution, Police etc.)
  • Law Offices (Deloitte Legal, Kinstellar Business Services and further 118),
  • Private Sector.

Our story lasts for more than thirty years.
You can rest assured that the Reflex Translation Services Team treats all assignments with equal care and attention, regardless of their size, complexity, or price involved. We deliver flawless work results and quality at both corporate and individual levels.

Social responsibility is an inevitable part of our work. Two times a year, we donate a significant part of our profit to various charities and foundations.

What we do?

Translation may be the simplest and the easiest word to use for describing what we do, but it’s not necessarily the most accurate one. Our work is more about communication, and interpretation. Communicating between two cultures is so much more than finding the most appropriate terms for a certain purpose. It’s about the genuine and complex process of interpretation, which allows you to get the most accurate and reliable meaning in the target language.

Perhaps, one of the very reasons we’ve been able to apply this unique approach successfully for more than thirty years in our work at Reflex Translation Services is that we don’t hire translators. We aren’t translating, but actually we’re “borrowing” experts to share their knowledge and experience about other cultures and languages with our clients. Thanks to this way of work Reflex Translation Services can ensure that the quality and interpretation of our interpretation is as if you yourself have spent years living and studying in a foreign country and culture, you’re communicating with through our translation services.

It’s also true that nowadays we live in the so-called Google-world. You can find almost any piece of information in the virtual world in no time and with no trouble at all. In addition, you can use numerous translation services, which are simple and free to use. Nevertheless, as soon as you start using them, you’ll realize first-hand that what you get are meaningless sentences. You need to interpret this content, in order to find the proper and meaningful meaning. In other words, you need a magician, who’s going to make the words to become alive and tell a story you can truly understand. You can spend a lifetime with a dictionary in your hand, and you still won’t able to unlock all the secrets a language jealously hides from us.

Why chose us?

Here are the most relevant reasons and characteristics, which allow the Reflex Translation Services operate more than 30 years ago:

Reliable – Our translation services are reliable. Our work comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. In addition, we’ve prepared an insurance guarantee for our deliverables, which covers the potential damages up to amount of $100,000.

Efficient – With 13 offices nationwide and more than 1,200 translators, the Reflex Translation Services have a capacity of delivering about 30,000 pages per year. However, you can rest assured that we always put a little bit of our hearts and emotions in every single word we translate and interpret.

Flawless quality – of our translation work is something we aren’t willing to compromise on. Our reputation is always at stake with every new translation task we accept to handle. This is a risk we gladly accept all over again.

Lucid solutions – are the inevitable part of our daily routine. You don’t have to be a translation expert to tell a difference between a meaningless machine translation and the word provided by one of our professional translators. Very often, only an experienced translator can give the right meaning, you’ve been desperately looking for in your translated material.

Experts Reflex Translation Services don’t hire translators. Only the experts with a proven track record to support their professional results are invited to work on our projects.

eXperience – How many translation service providers has been in this business for more than thirty years? Well, we can only think of one – Reflex Translation Services.