We had translated 815,000 pages by late 2013. Surely, this took us 30 years.

Not a day passes by without a Reflex Translations-office receiving orders for legal translations. Last year 30% of our orders consisted of legal translations.

We are mostly asked to translate invoices, bank information, auditor’s reports, tax authority decisions, balance sheets and related appendices from Central

Within the category of technical translations, the primary areas presently include the automotive industry, automation, electronics, IT and telecommunication.

Website Translations

Beside of translation, we can support you in content optimization by supplying “search engine friendly“ contents in the required foreign language.

Certified Translations

The translations of Reflex Translation Services, prepared by certified translators, are accepted worldwide by the authorities and institutions.

Pharmaceutical Translations

Our major customers in this area are B. Braun Medical, Draeger Safety, Empireclinic, Hartman Hungary, Lilly, MSD Pharma, Pharma Nord and Pfizer.

Why choose us?

30 years of experience

The Reflex Translation Services Ltd. was established in 1983. The company’s founder started his translator activity in 1979.

100% money back guarantee

We assume full responsibility for the quality of our work. In case of a right claim we pay back even the whole translation fee.

On site company profile & financial data

You can find all significant company information and financial data for the recent business years on our website.

True, fresh references

We don’t collect ‘big names’ giving their last assignment several years before. The list of our main clients is quarterly updated and classified by branches. The total value of assignments of each client on the list exceeds 160,000 EUR in the last 12 months.

We donate half percent of our income to charity

If you give an order the Reflex Translations you provide help people in need, at the same time.
We have decided at the beginning this year to donate 0.5 percent of our net turnover to charity.

Two times in a year we will donate the respective amount to an institution and/or foundation which activity we consider exemplary and outstanding helpful for the development of the Hungarian society.

Each time, we will publish the donated amount and the list of sponsored organizations together with the eventual feedbacks.

Date of the first donation: 10. July 2014

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