Major Clients in 2014 by Branches

Yearly total income in each cases at least 500,000 HUF (about 1,600 EUR). In brackets: year of the first assignment.

Justice, Law Enforcement, LawAutomobile IndustryAutomatisation, Electronics
Chief Prosecution of County B.A.Z. (1990)Delphi Connections Hungary (2010)Beckhoff Automation (2013)
Police Headquarter of County B.A.Z. (1987)Delphi Thermal Hungary (2011)Faulhaber Motors Hungaria (2007)
Burai, Kovács & Associates Law Office (2012)Faurecia E.C.T. Hungary (2010)KUKA Robotics (2006)
Deloitte Legal (2011)Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems (2003)Samsung Electronics Hungary (2003)
Chief Prosecution of County Fejér (2013)SMR Automotive Mirror Technology (2008)Schneider Electric (2008)
Metropolitan Court (2010)Takata Safety Systems (2014)Siemens Hungary (1998)
Kinstellar Business Services (2012)
Office of Public Administration and Justice (2014)
Chief Prosecution (2013)
Court of Miskolc (1988)
Zoltán Németh Law Office (2011)
Chief Prosecution of County Pest (2011)
Police Headquarter of County Pest (2008)
Réti, Antall and Associates Law Offices (2011)
Szarvas, Falcsik and Associates Law Offices (2011)
Court of Szombathely (2012)
Energy SupplyMachine IndustryMedicine, Medical Technology
EDF DÉMÁSZ (2005)Alfa Laval (2012)B.Braun Medical (2010)
E.ON Földgáz Storage (2008)Carrier CR Hungary (2013)Dräger Medical (2011)
Kiener Hungaria (2013)Dräger Safety (2011)
TS Hungary (2013)Empireclinic (2007)
Hartmann Hungary (2007)
Human Bioplasma (2009)
Medicover (2013)
Pharmaceutical IndustryCommerceEducation
Lilly Hungary (2002)AGCO Hungary (2007)CLC Nyelvi Képző Kft. (2011)
MSD Pharma (2010)BSH Kft. (2013)Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem (2012)
Pharma Nord (2006)Canberra Packard (2011)
Pfizer Hungary (2007)Epson Europe B.V (2012)
TESCO Global (2009)
TOTÁL-KER Szolnok (2013)
Transport, Courrier PostTelecommunication, Mobile Service
DDSG MAHART (2006)Alcatel-Lucent (2005)
Vodafone (2003)TNT Express Hungary (2003)
Mixed BranchesMixed BranchesMixed Branches
ANY Security Printing (2002)Diageo (2007)Dunamenti AKA (2006)
Frischhut Beton Bausysteme (2014)Galex Hungária (2012)Givaudan Hungary (2012)
Heiche Hungary (2008)i-Cell Informatika (2012)ITL Group (2011)
Jánosik and Associates Ltd. (2005)Magnetec Ungarn (1998)Michelin Hungaria (2007)
MOM Park MFC Kft. (2008)Prec Cast (2002)SGS Industrial Services (2010)
Swietelsky Railroad Technic (2010)Taghleef Industries (2010)Taurus Techno Kft. (2008)
Tisza Textile (2012)Tolure Cosmetics (2013)Varta Hungaria (2013)