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Who we are?

Reflex Translation Agency was established on 1 December 1983 in Miskolc. The company is owned by Hungarian private individuals.

Our Budapest office was established in 1997 and we started to build our representative network by opening the office in Győr in 2007. Besides the Miskolc and Budapest offices, there are currently Reflex branch offices in 9 county towns and Zamárdi.

We work primarily for international large companies, Hungarian companies of different sizes, law firms and judicial bodies, but many private customers also use our services.

In addition to our 9 full-time employees, we have 9 contracted local representatives, while we can rely on a translator team of over a thousand people to fulfil the orders.

Our equity capital is HUF 10 million and our net income in the last years was around HUF 150 million. Our company has been rated as a reliable taxpayer by NAV, the Hungarian Tax Authority.

The ISO 9001:2000 quality management system was introduced in 2004 and we won the NATO supplier title in July the same year.

What we do?

Why choose us?


Inquiry, order

First, ask for a quote because our price depends on the fees of the translator(s) best suited for a given job.

Your journey to top quality translation deliverables begins with a simple and easy to use inquiry form, which you can find on our website. In case of an inquiry by email, please, attache the files intended to translate or copy-paste the text into the email. If the size or number of file(s) is too large please contact our office about the adequate method for sending the files. If the documents contains just a few pages, the translation would be urgent and you have no computer (or fax) on hand, you can take photo of the pages with your mobile phone and send them in MMS or email.

You will get our answer, mostly with a quotation, within 10 to 20 minute in general. Should the task be more complex we acknowledge the receipt of your inquiry and give the estimated sending time of the quotation.

If you prefer to give your order personally, you can do it in any Reflex offices of Hungary.

The assignments given to the Reflex Translation Services have to be in written form.


After having received your assignment we forward the original document(s) to our translator(s). In order to have a uniform style and terminology, we always try to appoint just one translator.

In case of a large volume and a short deadline one translator might be unable to perform the whole translation. In such a cases the whole documentation are in general split into several parts and each parts are translated by a separate translator. We always indicate in the quotation whether the original document have to be split in order to maintain the delivery deadline. Should the translation prepared by several translators the terminological uniformity can be improved if one of the translators charged with the project merges the translated text.

Following the translation the target text is edited, which means a supervising for completeness and spelling. The editing is not to be confused with the proofreading, the linguistic and professional revision of the entire translation.

The completed translation can be delivered to you in email, by fax, in mail, by courier or you can take it over in any Reflex office.


The translation fee has to be paid in advance or after delivery. In case of larger assignment fee an advance payment of 50% is necessary.

You can pay the invoices of the Reflex Translation Services on 4 ways:

  • In cash, in any Reflex office.
  • Via bank transfer, to one of our accounts below:

    Raiffeisen Bank:

    12046133-01242291-00100000 HUF
    10800014-50000006-20250244 EUR

    OTP Bank:

    11795009-29909197 HUF
    11763952-00324883 EUR

  • With PayPal.

What others say about us

As we arrived at the end of the project, I would like to thank you once more for the excellent co-operation and great, high-quality work. We appreciated a lot that our orders were always completed in a timely and professional manner. Thank you.

Aneta Sienczak
Schneider Electric

As I also was a translator earlier, I can particularly appreciate your linguistically immaculate translations. Therefore, I always recommend you to my colleagues, who are always satisfied with your translations from professional aspects, too. Congratulations to your translators!

Károlyi Eszter

I would like to thank you for your enormous help in the recent weeks during the translation of our Bulgarian tender documentation.

Anita Keller
ANY Security Printing Company

Thank you very much for your accuracy and also for the professional editing of the document. I was pleased not only because of the translation’s high quality but the perfect layout of the document as well.

Mark Lendvay
Wizzair Group

The legal translations of the Reflex Translation Services are not only always accurate but exact in legal aspects as well. We highly recommend the Services of Reflex at this kind of translations, too.

dr. András Lévay

I will recommend your agency to others, as I received always high quality services up to now.

Anita Vizner-Säkkinen
Private costumer

After many tiny assignments, knowing the quality and accuracy of your services, I ask a quotation for the English and German translation of our website.

András Farkas
F-Trans Kft.