After having received your assignment we forward the original document(s) to our translator(s). In order to have a uniform style and terminology, we always try to appoint just one translator. In case of a large volume and a short deadline one translator might be unable to perform the whole translation. In such a cases the whole documentation are in general split into several parts and each parts are translated by a separate translator. We always indicate in the quotation whether the original document have to be split in order to maintain the delivery deadline. Should the translation prepared by several translators the terminological uniformity can be improved if one of the translators charged with the project merges the translated text.
Following the translation the target text is edited, which means a supervising for completeness and spelling. The editing is not to be confused with the proofreading, the linguistic and professional revision of the entire translation.

The completed translation can be delivered to you in email, by fax, in mail, by courier or you can take it over in any Reflex office.