Escort and simultaneous industrial interpreting is generally required for industrial investments involving foreign experts for a period ranging from a few days to several months. In these projects, we have gained considerable experience in the past few years, for example at the sites of AES, Dunaferr, TVK or Jabil Circuit.

The on-site work is managed and the specific translation task is agreed by our head interpreter who personally takes care of the technical preparation of the interpreters before arriving at the spot.

Our agency provides the interpreters with adequate and uniform protective equipment at our own cost, which also makes it easy to identify them.

Our interpreters – whose contact details are posted at all critical points in the plant – will contact each other and the building engineer or the experts supervising installation, if needed and with the customer’s consent, using their own short-range transceiver devices, so that they could respond to unexpected communication situations as soon as possible and to ensure that a sufficient number of interpreters is available everywhere and at all times.

As part of their assignment, our interpreters do some written translation of shorter texts on site as may be required during the project.

In case one or more of our primary interpreters is not able to perform their duties for any reason whatsoever, we constantly have a spare team in reserve, so we can provide the necessary number of staff throughout the project.

For the whole duration of the project, we provide a continuous telephone hotline on request. If you order this service, our on-call interpreter will be able to help with any communication problem that arises outside of the working hours by phone or on site – arriving as soon as possible – on any day of the week and at any time of day.

If required, our head interpreter can give the Hungarian party advice on negotiating

Industrial interpreting