The translation fee has to be paid in advance or after delivery. In case of larger assignment fee an advance payment of 50% is necessary.
You can pay the invoices of the Reflex Translation Services on 5 ways:

  1. Online with bank/credit card, on the secure paying site of the OTP Bank (the largest bank in  Hungary).
  2. With bank/credit card in our office in Budapest.
  3. In cash, in any Reflex office.
  4. Via bank transfer, to one of our accounts below:
    Raiffeisen Bank:
    12046133-01242291-00100000 HUF
    10800014-50000006-20250244 EUR
    OTP Bank:
    11795009-29909197 HUF
    11763952-00324883 EUR
  5. With PayPal.